Our bicycle tours

Discover The Hague with one of our bicycle tours

The Hague Bicycle Tour

The bicycle tour through the city centre of The Hague starts in one of the coziest streets of The Hague; The Mallemolen. Our office is located in this beautiful little courtyard of a street, where Napoleons soldiers stayed in the 18th century. We created an amazing bicycle tour which entails all the important sights of The Hague. Think off the old centre, the royal palaces, Peace Palace and many other hidden gems.

Culinary Bicycle Tour

During our culinary bicycle tour we will make several stops to taste some typical Dutch dishes. Have you ever heard of ‘broodje kroket’? After our culinary bicycle tour you know exactly what it is! The tour includes a wine tasting, typical The Hague coffee, Italian ice cream and many more delicates!